Bento Asiankitchen

Delicious Japanese, Korean, and Hawaiian Cuisines!



1Curry Bowl
3Curry Noodle Bowl
5Curry Chicken Bowl
7Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
8Spicy Pork Bowl
9Spicy Tuna Bowl
11Bibimbap Bowl

Spicy Signature Bowls

(Rice, fried egg, chinese broccoli, pickled jalapeno, chili paste, sour cream, cheese, basil, cilantro)
12Spicy Garlic Chicken Bowl
13Spicy Pork Belly Bowl
15Spicy Korean BBQ Bowl
16Spicy Steak Bowl (Ribeye)


Salad, tempura, rice
20Teriyaki Chicken Plate
21Pineapple Chicken Plate
22Garlic Chicken Plate
23Tofu Steak Plate
24Steak Plate (Ribeye)
26Boneless Korean BBQ Rib
27Spicy Pork Plate
28Mixed Tempura Plate
29Shrimp Tempura Plate
30Spam and Egg Plate
32Calamari Plate
33Grilled Salmon Plate
35Katsu Chicken Plate
36Katsu Pork Plate

Bento Box

Salad, 4 pcs California Roll, Tempura, and Rice
40Teriyaki Chicken Bento
41Garlic Chicken Bento
42Grilled Salmon Bento
43Steak Bento (Ribeye)
45Boneless Korean BBQ Rib Bento


50Asian Chicken Salad
52Spicy Tuna Salad
53Crispy Tofu Salad
54Chicken Breast Salad


62Crispy Tofu
64Side Shrimp Tempura
65Side Vegetable Tempura
66Side Mixed Tempura
67Spam Musubi
68Side Teriyaki Chicken

69Side Teriyaki Beef Steak
71Side Korean BBQ
74White Rice
75Brown Rice
76Miso Soup
77French Fries
79Side Calamari

Noodle Soups

80Plain Udon
81Chicken Udon
82Gyoza Udon
83Shrimp Tempura Udon
84Plain Ramen
85Chicken Ramen
86Gyoza Ramen
87Shrimp Tempura Ramen

Curry Spaghetti

88Chicken Katsu Spaghetti
89Pork Katsu Spaghetti


90California Roll
In: crab meat, cucumber, avocado. Out: sesame seed
91Crunch Roll
In: crab meat, cucumber, avocado. Out: tempura chips, sesame seed, sauce
93Spicy Tuna Roll
In: spicy tuna, avocado. Out: masako
94Shrimp Tempura Roll
In: crab meat, cucumber, avocado. Out: chips sesame seed, sauce, Side :shrimp tempura
95Dragon Roll
In: crab meat, cucumber, avocado. Out: eel, avocado, sauce
96Washington Roll
In: crab meat, cucumber, avocado. Out: salmon

Crispy Flat Rice

97Spicy Tuna Flat Rice
Rice spicy tuna, masako, dynamite sauce, green onions
99California Flat Rice
Rice crab meat, dynamite sauce, green onions, tempura chips, sauce

Family Dinner Packs

1 Item Pack--$25
Any Chicken teriyaki

Chicken katsu
Pork katsu
Mixed tempura
Pasta-yaki noodles

2 Item Pack--$35
Any Chicken teriyaki

Chicken katsu
Pork katsu
Mixed tempura
Pasta-yaki noodles

Party Trays Now Available!

Maki Roll Tray--$35
Slade Tray--$15~$35
Tempura Tray--$45
Teriyaki Tray--$45
BBQ Tray--$55
Katsu Tray--$45
Noodle Tray--$35
Gyoza Tray 50 pcs--$29

Who is Bento Asian Kitchen?

Bento Asian Kitchen was started from a sushi chef with
40+ years experience in the restaurant industry.

Market research showed that Redondo Beach had many sushi restaurants and high end Japanese restaurants. However, quick serve restaurants serving made-to-order Japanese, Hawaiian and Korean cuisines are difficult to find in this beach community. Thus, Bento was set-up from a fusion of the owner's previous restaurants, integrating menus from predominantly Asian and some American cuisines.

Bento is located in the corner location of the 1000 plaza on the corner of Torrance & Prospect, just blocks from the Redondo Beach pier. This hidden Asian restaurant has gained its popularity by its loyal customers and word of mouth. Bento serves Bento meals, salads, fusion rolls, bowls, burgers and noodles- all freshly made upon order, in a quick serve format. The restaurant welcomes dine-ins, phone orders and take-out orders.


Need map and directions?

We are conveniently located on the southeast corner of Torrance Boulevard and Prospect Avenue in 1000 Plaza across the street from 7-11 just blocks from the Redondo Beach Pier.Ample plaza and street parking is available.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel to call us at 310.792.5185.
Bento Asian Kitchen
1000 Torrance, Blvd., #B
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Bento Asian Kitchen wants to hear from you.

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